Saturday, October 08, 2005


Late night ramblings

I've been watching a lot of the Dylan material on the BBC recently and have been greatly enjoying it. I have also made something with some of it that made me giggle so I will share it here; Subterranean Bonesick Blues

Here's a version if you're more of a cat person, Subterranean Homesick Mews.

Whilst I'm here I also share these two items. One is an notice that I believe is by a Glaswegian artist although unfortunately I can't remember his name. Anyhow, it tickles me.
Update: Hurrah, got it! His name is David Shigley. I've changed the link so it goes to the version on his site now, definitely worth a mooch about.

The second is the newly launched web space of the lovely Tart Monkey. He has heaps of talent and a mild pope obsession... go and have a peek.

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