Thursday, July 20, 2006


Protecting my bits

My software has an attitude problem.

I have just put together another silly video and decided to make a page for videos on my site. The quickest way for me to make the icons was to play the source video, grab a frame and make the icon from that. But I couldn't.

My software assumed that I didn't own the video I was playing. It accused me of stealing. I'm insulted.

On the plus side I now have animated icons on the page as I couldn't be as lazy as I intended.

On the down side my software is apparently allowed to defame my character and deny me the presumption of innocence* on the basis, I assume, that some people would screen grab something they shouldn't. If that's the case prosecute them, don't pester me and my penguins.

I mentioned them a couple of posts ago, but again, we really need ORG.

Anyhow, the video. If you've waded through my moaning you deserve it.
If you've skipped to the bold text have a gold star for initiative, I'm sure you deserve it too.

30 seconds of penguin joy (the sequel). 790KB Flash.

* I accept I could be seen as overstating the issue here. But it is what it was saying, deep down. They are wrong.

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A killer of a day at work, a few beers and some Benny Hill-esque penguins - soome days never end THIS good.

Hehe, you're welcome.
Penguins make every day that little bit better.
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