Sunday, September 24, 2006


Rubik World

One of the sites I was making lots of toys for last month has now been updated. One of the bigger pieces that I did some design and animation for is Rubik World. One of those point and click games with a couple of proper puzzles thrown in for good measure (well, it's Rubik, it needs a puzzle).

You get to fling sheep, twang tortoises and make a pretty rainbow at the end. Hints and tips can be provided if needed*; feel free to stick them in the comments.

I like to bank with one hand on my mouse On the same site there's a very silly quiz about banking made by the lovely Mr Tech with a jingle from DogHorse and a top dancing banker from Mushybees.

Apparently I like to bank with one hand on my mouse. Pffft. Filth!

* being honest, despite knowing the mind of the person who created the puzzles pretty well I still needed some hints and tips! I was never very good at Rubik's Cubes either though.


Apparently i like to bank with my partner, which is a bit ironic as I'm single at the moment! :)
Ijust love banking! All night!
Argh. I shouldn't start these things. The tortoises are just going back and forth with a jump when I click. What do I do? Help!

At least I managed the quiz OK. I like to take risks when I bank!
Ahh, you make a cube step with the tortoises, so he can climb up onto the standing stone. Start with the bottom tortoise :)
i can't do the cubey bit. i did the first one once but i don't know how! whats the secret?
That bit drove me mad whilst I was testing it! You're trying to get each side a single colour. Clicking on a square changes that and all adjacent squares and they cycle through in an order. Some starting points are easier than others but I'm assured they're all possible!
the very first puzzle with the rocks is killing meee
You need to make the stone circle say "Rubik's cube". Each colour bordering the stones is associated with a sound, so click through to work out the relationship between colour and sound then click on the three stones in order (rub - iks - cube).
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