Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Why is my prairie dog looking so excited?

Maybe it's the fez.
Maybe it's discovering he has a face on his bum.
Maybe he's been playing some of my new games.

Yes, I'm spamming more of my work stuff!


Gunk it!

Find the poo!

Talking of spam, mine has been getting almost interesting recently. Not as many attempts to increase my penis size, more attempts to get me to advertise my site in the Sunday Telegraph, press releases for online toys of little or no interest to me and an offer to sell me

Why on earth would I want to buy, particularly, I assume, for some inflated price? If I was in the market for a novelty domain name at least get an up-to-date one. would make much more sense. As Bob suggested a couple of days ago, Golden Brown by the Stranglers is waiting to be tweaked for something there.

Anyhow, I digress. New toys. Play, have fun!

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Like the games although I'm not very good at them. :)

I'm still getting Penis, Viagra and Banks spam but thankfully not a lot of it. Think I'm on some Korean spammers database judging by the strange english expressions used!
Yay! Im famous! Now I can go and like in the Med!
Sorry, I meant live in the med.
I already like it!
I've already been stopped in the streets*! WOW being famous is cool!

*I was asked directions! :)
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