Sunday, January 28, 2007


Normal service and all that

Life is keeping me off-line at the moment.

There should be a few new things in February but in the meantime have a porkupine and a photo of the two new chicks of my adopted penguin. It has been a good year for penguin chicks in Argentina apparently, so hooray for that!

Back soon with some silly.

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Cute chicks. :)
Thoes chicks are clearly in their awkward teenage years.

Could you maybe provide a signed photoshop for the Beagle Bring and Blog Sale? I totally understand if you've no time...
This stuff is GREAT!

Just slid in, from a link on OneCosmos, to be greeted by The Green Grinner.

Those must be Amazon feathers, no?
Beaky(my African Grey) who loves to blog, was quite startled by what she saw.

Mom, what's the matter with that Parrot!?
Miss P, I should be able to do something next week but probably not in time for Monday, is that too late?

Ximeze, thanks! The main feathers of the green grinner we're from this parrot.
I have no idea what that apostrophe is doing there.
*tuts at self*
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