Saturday, February 10, 2007


Hmm, that wasn't normal service....

It's never nice when a loved one is in hospital, and if they're a few hundred miles away it feels even worse, so I have been away to get closer.

I am back, things are better and I am getting back to normal.

Back soon with some silly, and I hope to manage it this time.

In the meantime, have an appalling joke about teddy bears on a picnic.

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Like the bears :)
I see you've been mentioned by Ben Goldacre in the Guardian, Ms. Eclectech, and a very good piece it is, too! (Wish the papers would print more of that sort of thing over here.) Hooray for you and hooray for the poo song! But not for the Awful Poo Lady. I hope she gets the squits.
i do not c how this is funny
Oh well, not to worry, humour is a wonderfully individual thing. Growing up with the teddy bears picnic and a penchant for silly wordplay probably helps in this particular case :)
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