Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A Valentines Day treat for you all

Now, I don't really "do" Valentines Day but I like an excuse to make something silly and a new tune from DogHorse seemed perfect for a topical animation. I give you...

One Heartbeat (1.5MB Flash)

It stars Jack Java (the monkey of lurve), a couple of penguins and some pants. The song is just a little bit rude. Well, very rude in places.

We've also got a new animation for Greenpeace online, if you like your moving pictures to have a bit of a point. Stop the Horror (500KB) is part of a campaign to stop illegal timber and help save the lovely orang utans and other affected creatures.

I must mention a topic that I'm afraid amuses me far too much for terribly low reasons. As Jess points out in the comments of my previous post Gillian McKeith is in trouble again and is now banned from calling herself a doctor in her adverts. What a shame eh?

A Menace to Science, Guardian article by Ben Goldacre
Previous bit from me about Ms McKeith.

Other things that have entertained me recently include this fine campaign from Sir Montgomery Cecil of Spurt via Beau Bo D'Or and this fantastic photography project; Running From Camera. I'm not quite sure why but this appeals to me very much.

Oh, and if you do want to send someone a special message today* you can always say it with pants!


*Or, in fact, any day... which is much nicer really.

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I [heart] Jack Java. :-)
Love the Pants Messenger & really like the new flash! The song is 5 Stars, please congratulate DogHorse for me & you animation make the song come to life!

Please keep making the rude animations, they are the biz!
Rah! :) Now if only Jack Java would do some sort of duet with the Poo Lady. Though I suspect the world may not be ready for it.
Hehe. Ta all!

I know Jack has some *ahem* bad habits, but I'm not sure he could stoop so low as to duet with the Poo Lady :)
I read the Grauniad article about the pseudoscientist ex-Doctor McKieth, and thought of you.

All that remains now is to get the scientifically-illiterate idiot off our television screens
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