Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have a HUGE Humph and a bad pun

The bad pun is, I assume, self evident. This is the responsibility of an email correspondent who has taken to tempting me with things to animate, so blame David H. please.

Is this a UK thing? Ah, yes.

As for the huge Humph, you can see him at the other place, where I'm also asking for opinions on what I should stick into a gallery at Photobloc. Cartoons are currently in the lead. Hooray for Humph!

Stumbled across a lovely gallery of sky photos and some fab drawings that are work a peek, if you've had enough Humph.

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I'd love a huge humphry in ma room! especially the 'Im Special' one with the water and stuff! How much would he be?

And the lassy on the prints page holding the pix, is that the top of ur head???
Hehe, it is the top of my head. The first version showed a pair of eyes too, but I felt that was a little revealing :)

I've had some good feedback about the possibilities of getting prints done so will sort out what sizes / prices can be offered at some point soon. Cost is basically from the printing guys as they do all the work on that side.
Heh, Cool head!

Thanks for the reply. I would love a Jeramy! and Huph!
Haha it is a UK thing, love it!
Dancing on Ice is huge over here! Can't say I get it to be honest.
Well James what they do is dance on ice, not much else to get!
Wonderful post, thanks a lot! I love Dancing on Ice!
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